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Following the success of We, T Street Gallery and Room Art are excited to welcome you to our follow on exhibition, Us.


Us highlights the work of two inspiring Iranian artists, Sahar Farah and Hadis Ensafi - both currently practicing in the UK and graduates of Birmingham City University, Fine Art. The artists have immersed themselves within the recent We exhibition, supporting the women of We from afar. In keeping with T-streets mission to provide a platform for voices, both Farah and Ensafi will present their captivating, sensitive and delicate perspectives within this fitting sister show.


As part of the Us exhibition, Sahar explores emotions around both pre and post revolution alongside ideas that poignantly address the human social position and fight. Meanwhile, Hadis adopts various mixed-media that immerses the viewing into a sensory and sometimes uncomfortable place with work that inter-connects with its sister show We.


Us fearlessly builds a beautiful bridge that connects the viewer back to the We Exhibition, whilst asking our visitors to view this exhibition from an angled lens, through both mixed and traditional media and also diving further into topics of cultural influence and change.

Us opens on May 19th at 6pm at T Street Gallery.

Exhibition Opening Times:
Private View: 19th Feb 2023, 6-8pm
Saturday 20th May - Sunday 18th June (by appointment)

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