other technologies in blue

20 MARCH 2020

Tony McClure.Finite.2017 (72dpi).JPG


Tony McClure. Untitled (blue). 2019 (300



T Street Gallery are delighted to announce their partnership with Coventry Art Space for a solo show by Artist Tony McClure, which will be exhibited over two venues.

Technologies in Blue is Tony McClure’s first solo exhibition and is presented in two parts, in the cities where he has worked most extensively as an artist over the past few years, Coventry and Birmingham.

This exhibition brings together key ideas which Tony has been working with; around light, urban space and the effects which both of these have on individuals.

He is predominantly interested in subtle moments in the contemporary landscape, finding and presenting what he sees as the poetic, drawn from the points where the built environment and its technologies meet. He uses moving image, light and the hardware which produce these ephemeral experiences to create opportunities for the viewer to consider their relationship to space.
Drawing on the phenomenology of perception, minimalism and infusing it with his interests in Japanese philosophies and experimental cinema cultures heightens the focus on audience engagement which Tony’s works attempt to trigger.

This exhibition will re-contextualise works which he has presented elsewhere and will also include new artworks which have been made specifically for the unique architectures of Arcadia Gallery, a space housed in a modernist shopping precinct and T-Street Gallery, a young space at the top of an artist studio complex.
Given the nature of Tony’s practice, he rarely has the opportunity to realise works on the scale of his ambition and so this exhibition includes a series of journals which he compulsively keeps, providing a deeper insight into what Tony intends to produce as he moves forwards.

Understanding the dense and complex nature of his interests in minimalism, philosophy and cinema, Tony offers the following entry points from popular culture and thought:

“Universal or monochromatic blue acts as a form of freedom and is widely considered the most spiritual of colours.
Blue absorbs everything, opening up surfaces and form. Blue has an ability to change an environment, changing perspectives, it creates a notion of both emptiness and fullness in space, it gives a notion of the infinite.
Blue is time. There’s movement, there's existence and there’s consideration. Yet there is also a stasis in Blue - a stillness, a silence”



Exhibition Details:

Other Technologies in Blue, T-Street Gallery, Birmingham
Preview - 20th March 2020, 6-8pm


Technologies in Blue in Arcadia Gallery, Coventry
Preview - 20th Feb 2020, 6-8pm
21st Feb - 7th March 2020 3-7pm